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    cracked screen
    Hi everyone, I am new to this website so bear with me. I have a MacBook Pro purchased back in 2008 refurbished. I absolutely love love love my mac. Apparently though I am a klutz and dropped my blackberry on the screen and cracked it. So I can still use it, but there is a huge spiderweb in the middle of my screen. I was able to find out the specs on my screen and it said that it is a Samsung LTN154BT 15.4inch. So I am asking all of you mac lovers out there. What is the best deal to do this? I believe mac will charge me tons and tons of money that I don't have in these tough times. Although I do not want to ship my mac to some random company to fix either. I was told by Geek Squad at Best Buy they would install it for around $90 so I figure I can order the screen off of a website for alot cheaper and have them install? I need some advice here on what people think I should do since I am not a computer person at all, although I love using it I am not so good at all of the techie stuff. That's why I have a user-friendly mac after all! Any input is much appreciated!

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    considering you have the model of the LCD, I'd scour the Internet for deals to order it in. eBay or resellers can cut you a deal, and hope BB doesn't charge an arm and a leg to install it. Or if you have a geeky friend

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