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    Belkin Laptop cushion
    I bought a Belkin Laptop cushion a few weeks ago while I was shopping at target. I have a white 1 st generation macbook that used to get hot however that macbook is dead at the moment for what ever reason. My new MacbookPro 2.66 Ghz seems to run much cooler for whatever reasons. What to ask the community their opinion on the Belkin Laptop cushion and its effectiveness in keeping the MacbookPro cool. I was looking at the iLap but wanted to avoid the $50 price tag.

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    I personally prefer a notebook stand. They not only provide cooling by allowing air to flow under the computer but also protect against those nasty expensive liquid spills.


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    I have the Belkin cush desk for my MBP 13" and I love it. Everything's cool.

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