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    Question keyboard keys get jammed, mousepad and clickpad(?) too
    My MacBook Pro keyboard doesn't work as it's supposed to.. when I start my computer it works perfectly fine, but after 10 of 15 minutes or so, that varies, the keyboard keys get jammed. The keys don't stay down, but it is very annoying, I think it is a software issue, as the keys stop jamming when I hit another random key.

    My mousepad also stops working once in a while, When that happens, I can click, but can't move my mouse. When I restart it works fine again and when I connect another mouse, it works too.

    Maybe there is some kind of patch that fixes the problem, i've searched already but when I try to install, it says the computer doesn't need the update.

    My laptop is running OSX 10.6.1 which is snow leopard, the newest version. when it was still running leopard (10.5....) it also had this problem.

    Thank you very much for your help!!!

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    Oct 06, 2009
    Issssssn't there anyone who can help me?

    oh it just happened again, as you can see..

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    Jul 30, 2009
    I've had similar problems. My touchpad stopped responding, one usb port didn't work and bluetooth wouldn't be recognized. I just restarted my computer about 5 times, and did a disk repair (thats what I was told to do) and I haven't ran into the problem since. The keyboard issue i've never had though.
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