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    unable to locate drives and folders
    hello all, i recently added another internal hd to to macpro moved everything from my orginal hardrive to my newely added hd and cleared my orginal harddrive in efforts to only use it for music, now ive run into a few problems and one that i am having right now is that on my desktop where i am used to see the harddrive icon i no longer see it also the applications folder that was on the bottom of my screen in the dock disappeared when i attempted to put the folder on the desktop, furthermore i am unable to locate following folders on this current orginal hard drive

    the applications folder, the system and library folder as well as the user library and system folder

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    Copying your old system files, directories to a new drive is not the same as reinstalling OSX on the new drive. Once you install OSX, the OS expects folders/drives to be on a certain volume in a specific location (the startup volume). Since your have changed this by moving the files to the new volume things will no longer work as expected.

    Your going to need to backup any user specific data to your old drive, reinstall OSX on the new volume and then copy your specific data back to the new drive.

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