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Andykoval 10-05-2009 10:56 PM

Macbook pro Late 2007 trackpad replacement
I am in a serious pinch here...

I bought a used late model 2007 macbook pro 15". it had some damage on the from near the button to unlock the lid (dented) so i bought the laptop with intentions to fix it since i am a PC technician i didn't think it would be a problem...

Turns out the new top case i bought turns out to be from a early 2008 macbook pro with a different track pad. everything works just dandy except for the buttons on the F keys. the key brightness changes volumes. and the f8 key opens iTunes.. those buttons are a complete mess. :'(

The question is... is there a way to make the 2008 track pad work on my 2007 model? or am i going to be forced into buying another top case?

A quick response would be great!

p.s. i also replaced the keyboard because it was filthy but they look EXACTLY the same.

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