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    Data on new hard drive question
    im looking at buying a new hardrive for my mid 2009 macbook pro and wanted to know if there was a way to move my current hardrive data the new one or do i need to just do a clean install on the new hardrive that i install??

    thanks in advance!
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    You should back up your computer using Time Machine. When you install OS X onto the new drive, you'll be given the option to restore from a Time Machine backup. Be sure you still have your installation disk before you start and make sure your Time Machine backup is complete.

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    Or you could do a clean install of OS on newly installed HD then use Migration Assistant [in Utilities folder] to move all your info off of the Old HD that u have fitted into a new enclosure - This you could then use for an 'Off site" back up unit. Just depends on which makes more sense for your operation.

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