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Thread: new to mac - video problem

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    new to mac - video problem
    Hello to you...

    I am a new Mac user and I'm glad for that...I wish I would have switched platforms 10 years ago. Here's my problem:

    I like to watch YT videos, especially vids as related to the martial arts. I was involved in all sorts of teaching and practicing before I fried my knees....I've encountered a problem where the video skips, lags, gets stuck, is uneven, etc. I'm not quite sure of the term but I sense you get my idea. The same thing happened on some of the videos I have ripped from my DVD collection, but not all and today I don't see the problem at all. When I called Appleworks the guy on the phone suggested that I could bring in my Mac for 24 hours at a Mac store to see if they could simulate the same issue.

    Short of bringing my Mac into the store, is there anything I can do or check? The DL speed from Comcast is consistent. I realize that part of this could have something to do with the remand on the servers.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Without any info on your Mac there's not much else I can offer.

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