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    MacBook Pro late 2008 model will not start or boot
    Hi Everyone, I have a serious problem with my MacBook Pro late 2008 model.

    I closed the MacBook after working went home and tried to open it and it did not turn on. Tried restarting using the power button (3sec, 10 sec, flashed Ram, changed batterie, tried turning it on with and without different batteries (both fully charged) with MagSafe equipped and without, changed RAM (my upgrade back to original RAM), nothing. Batterie light and MagSafe LEDs are working, nothing else though. After pushing the power button no light comes up, the fans are not moving either. I have the feeling that the power button that I push is not working but don't know how to test this. Any help would be highly appreciate it before I send it in or go to an apple shop. Have to finish a presentation today or I will be effffed, any ideas?


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    Well, if you're that much pressed for time, I wouldn't waste too much of it and take it on in.

    Assuming it's still in it's warranty...

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