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    Overheating Macbook
    I have had my Macbook since February this year and have noticed lately that the bottom of the laptop his getting a lot hotter than normal. I'm not doing anything different than I was before. I am simply surfing the internet. I hear the fans running now and I didn't use to hear them before. Is there something I can do to resolve this? I purchased one of those laptop boards with the built in fan to try and cool the laptop down but I can still feel excessive heat dissipating (which I guess is a good thing). Any insight would be appreciated.

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    If the notebook was overheating, it would shut down. Sounds like it's just running very warm.

    There's a few things you could do. The first thing I'd try is to give the exhaust vents a few short blasts of compressed air to loosen up any dust or debris clogging the vents.

    If that doesn't clear up the problem, you might want to take a look in Activity Monitor, click on the CPU % header to sort by that field and see if there is a process that is spiking the CPU, making the machine run warmer.
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    that happened to me and its not a problem, it may me dust or you're using too many apps. try to shut down in case of that.

    also there's something to take as consideration, you should check if the internet pages you are visiting arent full of flash and other things, because if you have a bad graphics card that will be explained.

    Also your power supply might get very hot, specially if you are charging the battery and using the mac.
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