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    Dead? Lit? What? Pixel
    Okay, so I have this little white line in my screen. When the background's white, it's a brighter white. It's not that bad, so I left it, but now it's just starting to bug me since it's always there. At first, I thought it was just a lit pixel. I tried the massaging technique (massage gently through a soft cloth), and the tapping technique (tap just hard enough for the screen around the tap to flicker a different color a bunch of times), but neither of them worked. I've been running a web based app (found here) for a while, but it hasn't fixed it.

    So far, no difference from your average (from what I've read, anyway) lit/stuck pixel.

    However, I minimized the screen running the app by mistake, and I noticed that instead of being white, like a stuck pixel should, the line of stuck (or whatever they are) pixels were just a slightly different shade of pink, over the pink in my desktop image. I've tried a few other colors, and it's the same thing: it's always just a different shade of whatever color it's over. I never noticed this before since I generally have white backgrounds.

    But, anyways, aren't lit/stuck pixels supposed to be... well... stuck? Or do they change colors depending on the background? If this isn't a stuck pixel, what is it, and how can I make it go away?

    Just a small bit of extra information: the brighter the color, the brighter the pixels display. On black, the line is invisible (at least, to me). It's really annoying me, especially now that I've tried to fix it.

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    Is your computer still under warranty? Apple care? If it is, let Apple deal with it.

    Sounds like you have a line of bad pixels on your screen probably due to a manufacturing defect. Sometimes a bad pixel will get "stuck" and stay lighted, sometimes bad pixels show up as "dead" (not lighted). And again other times they may glow off shade. In any event, with that many defective pixels showing up on the screen, no amount of massaging or brute force is going to work. Replacing the display is the only cure. Or, live with it.


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