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    PowerBook G4 Titanium Displays
    Hello, I recently bought a PowerBook G4 DVI (800Mhz, 512MB, 40GB) with both hinges broken. The display is in good shape, I just had to solder one of the inverter wires coming from it...

    My understanding is that the Pre-DVI Titaniums use a lower-resolution 15.2" LCD. I believe they are physically the same size, and the hinges are the same.

    My question is:

    Are both of these displays interchangeable (as far as cabling goes)? I am looking at a display from a 500Mhz PowerBook and also a 500Mhz Parts Unit (wont turn on, screen/hinges are good) and I'd like to take their LCDs with hinges and attach it to my DVI PowerBook. Is this possible? I understand that if it worked correctly, I'd be running a lower resolution, but hey...

    Thinking now, though, I could just remove the good hinges from the display/parts machine and place them in the display of my PowerBook, which I already removed the bad hinges from...

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


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    No one knows if the screen is compatible with my machine?

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    This is one model I don't know if is compatible or not. I would assume they are .. Cause all of the 12 inch iBooks will work G3 and G4 are interchangeable .. and have swapped all of the Aluminum PB's with the exception of the 1.67GHz hi-res so I would say you are probably safe .. but like I said that is one model I have not had to play with the screens yet.

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