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    an apple refurbished success story
    This isn't any sort of question but just some props to apple and a hint for finding a mac on the cheap...

    A week ago I bought a refurbished Macbook Pro 15in Unibody/2.4gHz./2 gb RAM/250 gb HD/ 9600m GT 256mb. That is what I ordered for around $1400 including tax.

    What I got was the same computer but with an extra 2gb of RAM installed (4gigs total) and a 320 gb HD.

    Some may not think this is a lot, but it sure made my day, and it shows that not only can you get a mac for cheap with the refurb program, they may also send a slightly different machine as they may not have in stock the one you ordered. Of course this may turn out for the worse, but you can return that machine.

    So far I've ordered two refurbished Apple computers:
    -a black polycarbonate macbook 2.0ghz/1gb RAM/120gb HDD/ GMA 950 bought for $1050 ($1500 new at the time)

    -the macbook pro previously mentioned

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    This is what those of us "in the know" recommend to folks all the time.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing an Apple refurbished computer. Many times they are computers that customers ordered, and then decided they didn't want!

    And they still come with the same 12 month warranty just like new you can't go wrong!

    Congrats on your purchase...enjoy!

    - Nick
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