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    Open Firmware Password Set - What to do?
    I bought an old iBook G4 on craigslist last week for only $50.
    The owner sent it over, nice and clean, but I discovered that the only account available is a limited user account! I can't install apps, use terminal, anything!
    Of course the first thing I tried was booting into single user mode and booting into a CD, but none of them worked. Apparently the previous owner of the laptop was a art school and they set an Open Firmware password. I searched around on the 'net and found out that the OF pass should be bypassed by removing RAM, then zapping PRAM 3 times. I removed a DIMM, then booted while holding down Command + Option + P + R. I heard no chime, and when the computer didn't immediately reboot I knew something was wrong.
    I really would like to do more than simply browse the if anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
    The operating system is OS X Tiger 10.4.11.

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    Only answer is send it back unless you can get the password. Also you can change the HDD, and here is the link on what you tried to check out all the steps. Creates big problems Open Firmware Password.

    Mac Open Firmware Password Removal : MacForensicsLab, Cross platform forensics and e-discovery solutions

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