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    hard drive question
    hi, could someone please tell what model hdd (500gb 5400rpm) apple are shipping with their latest macbook pros. thank you.

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    I think it varies.

    I know for fact that my new unibody MBP had a Fujitsu hard drive, my buddies had a Seagate (got his a week after me) and several reviews I have seen online of people replacing hard drives have had Hitachi hard drives.

    I was surprised.

    I replaced my 160GB w/ a 500GB Western Digital (5400 RPM)

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    As indicated in the post above, the knowledge of which brand drive was shipped 2 weeks ago, last week or even yesterday would basically have no bearing on the brand you might get in one ordered today.

    Apple has been selling approximately 25,000 computers per day, 7 days a week. The brand hard drive you get will be the one they were able to get for the best price or was actually in stock regardless of price at the time you order.

    If you have a preference, you should upgrade the drive yourself.
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Doesn't matter too much either, pretty much all consumer drives have similar MTBF rates anyway.
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