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Thread: iSight lags

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    iSight lags
    hey guys i was searching on google how to fix iSight from lagging. I was just talking to my friend through ichat and he told me that my camera lags that it freezes goes silent for a bit then goes back to normal. i went on google and i read a post about having to go to system preferences then going to quicktime and changing stream videos to 1.5 i went to system preferences and i could not find quicktime i even went to quicktime and tried to find option or preferences and could not find it. I just want to know how can i make it not laggy and make it work normal. I'm using high speed internet so my connection is not the problem. any help is appreciated sorry for bothering.
    p.s. if it helps Macbook Pro 17 inch 3.06ghz 4ram running on snow leopard

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    well, in truth as convenient as the built in isight camera is, it isn't very powerful as far as cameras go. It's a webcam. It lags. Thats normal.

    The way you put it though it definitely seems like some sort of bandwidth problem. Even it isn't a problem with your internet connection, it may be a problem with your friend's. That seems to be the obvious answer.

    Good luck finding a way to increase performance though.

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