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Thread: CD stuck in my computer!

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    Angry CD stuck in my computer!
    I think my disk drive got a little bent/crushed a couple months ago and CDs didn't go in or out very smoothly but up until the other day it still worked. I now have a CD that refuses to come out...everytime I turn my computer on or wake it up the disk starts spinning around but the disk never loads on my computer, and pressing the eject button doesn't do there a force eject button or something that might work?

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    Restart holding the mouse down, this should force eject it, if it won't come out you may need to dismantle it.
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    Try looking here:

    Apple Portables: Troubleshooting the slot load optical disc drive

    If this doesn't work, and the tip from Keriano doesn't work as well try doing the following:

    Open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal

    Type the following command and hit enter

    drutil tray eject

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