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    Upgrading hard disk
    I'm looking to upgrade my macbook's memory to around 320GB. At the moment I'm still running on 120 and have well and truly run out

    Just got a couple of queries. Firstly, am I right in assuming there's no way of actually upgrading the size of the existing one, or is the only way to buy a new one.
    Secondly, if that is the case, will all of my programs be installed again. I ask this because I've ran out of uploads on my Logic pro and Adobe packages, so would like very much to not have to splash out again!!

    Thanks alot,

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    MacBook Pro 500GB hard drive 4GB ram PowerMac G5 Dual 2.2GHz Mirrored 500GB HDD, Mac Mini, and more
    Taking it that you have a MacBook not previous powerbook or iBook

    If you want to keep every thing you will need to clone your current hard drive

    My suggestion is to get a cheap external enclosure USB SATA (20$)
    put your new hard drive in it (yes you will need a new hard drive).. and Use SuperDuper to clone your existing
    hard drive. it is very simple and straight forward to use.


    was and I think still free to clone.

    then after it reboots to the external drive test every thing out .. then
    put it in to your MacBook and you are ready to go.. right where you left off.
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    I've done this myself as well, only to an astonishing 500GB!, in my Macbook Pro 13" Alumium, My current HD is 500GB at 7200rpm.

    here's the disk i used:

    ALTERNATE - HARDWARE - Harddisks / SSD - Serial-ATA - 320GB SATA - Seagate ST9500420AS

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    Excellent, thanks a lot for the responses!!

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