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    Installing Video Cards
    Hello all. I'm new here at Mac-Forums. I'm looking into geting either a 14inch iBook (Superdrive), or the 12 inch PowerBook (Superdrive). It will be my first laptop, and my first mac computer. I was just wondering, can I install a new video card to either of those computers? I'm thinking one with 128mb. I'm a big gamer, and plan on keeping my old pc, but I would love to be able to play some of my fav. games on a PowerBook. I appreciate the help.

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    You can't change a laptop's graphic card. It's part of the mainboard.

    And honestly, Mac's aren't the best choice when it comes to gaming...

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    Oh, I realize that macs are not gaming computers. I plan on using it for much more than gaming, I was just curious. Because if I could then it would be great! That's ok though, I'll just stick to PC for gaming. Thanks alot.

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    Yes Mac's are mainly used for video work and stuff like that,but have you seen dome of the Mac games like Doom3? The PowerMac and PowerBook are Beasts! There are several Mac games that are very popular such as Halo,so if you want some gaming on the side...they'll get the job done.As far as switching the graphics card...laptops don't incorporate this feature,but 128MB is pretty good.

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