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Thread: I love my iBook

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    I love my iBook
    It's been around 2 months, and I still can't get enough of my iBook.

    Sorry about the lack of content in this post, but to be honest, I was really just getting tired of seeing that absurd "iBook Scam" thread everytime I visited the board. :rolleyes:

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    Yeah, im glad to hear it. I know I will be buying a laptop and I will get an iBook or equvalent mac book when ever that time may be.

    Love your mac!

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    I love my iBook too. Only thing is, I wish I bought one with a DVD player in it. Other than that, I use it on a daily basis, and it isn't my main computer. Hmm, well I guess it could be now that I use it so much
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    Yes the iBook rocks as a consumer notebook. Mine has DVD and I love bringing it into work on a slow Saturday and watching movies
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    schweb you just like slacking off whenever possible at work. it can be busy and you'll hide in the bathroom watching the Matrix :p


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    i bought an i book 1 week back.It is marvellous.I just love my ibook.

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    Question want to boost my original tang.ibook with external HD and oxPanther

    i really love my original tangerine ibook with OS 9.2, had it for years now just one addition I'd like to make:

    I have a free copy of OS X.3 panther for teachers, and I'd really like to use it for the iMovie software mostly.

    However, my ibook's HD is only 3gb, and i want to keep OS 9.2 on it with the graphics software I have installed.

    So I fingured I'll just get an external HD say 50-100gb and install OS X on that, then boot my ibook off that HD and move completed movies thru ethernet or USB to my XP where my cd/dvd burner is. Ahh, utopia...

    Except I have no idea:

    1- how to 'dual-boot' (i think the term is) so I can selectively boot off the main HD or the xternal

    2- what's a recommended external HD model and supplier?

    3- has anyone done this before? any hiccups to watch for?

    4- how to connect my ibook via USB or Ethernet (preferred) to my XP without a router? or possibly recommend a router?

    5- Advice on home networking my ibook with my XP?

    thanks for any and all advice...

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    kirkings no need to cross post......just look at the thread you created for your answer

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    I bought my first ever computer to take with me when I moved to Japan in May and I am very glad to have chosen an iBook. I have used PCs all my life but I took to the Mac like a duck to water - it's so easy to use. And it's much better-looking than a PC, both the machine and the OS!

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