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    2008 Macbook battery will not charge, power light stays green. Help!
    I am a noob to macs so here is my problem. I have a 2008 Macbook and when the power is plugged in, the light is green, however my battery will not charge, and it even says at the top "battery is not charging" If I remove the power cord from the computer it will still run off the remaining % of the battery, but If I reconnect the cord it lights up green and I never see the amber charging color. I traded out my battery as well as a different power cord and still the same results. My battery will charge up on a friends macbook, but not on my own. I want to take it to the apple store but I'm at school and there is no store near me. I ran the coconut battery program and here are my results

    Current battery charge 4275 mAh
    Maximum battery charge 4928 mAh
    Current battery capacity 4928 mAh
    Original battery capacity 5020 mAh

    battery load cycles 146
    age of mac 19 months
    charger connected yes
    battery is charging no

    Anyone have any ideas for me? Thanks for your help.

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    Smc ram
    I would start by resetting the SMC RAM (System's Management Controller). The SMC RAM is what is in charge of anything power-related. Reporting battery life to the OS, switching between battery and wall plug, even making the power button work.

    To reset the SMC RAM take your battery out of the laptop and unplug the machine from the wall. Hold down the power button for a few seconds (5 or so) and then plug everything back in. Nine times out of ten do that will fix charging problems like that - especially on a fairly new computer like yours.

    Hope that helps.


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    Macbook won't charge AND battery is dead
    I have the same problem described in the initial post. However, my battery is now dead, so the Macbook won't come on. I cannot see anything... I have tried the SMC reset, but maybe with the battery dead this won't work. The MB won't run off the charger alone. Would this be the same or a different situation?

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    Question Macbook 13 won't charge battery
    My Macbook won't charge the battery. It won't run off the ac adapter but will run from the battery. Adapter lights green battery icon shows plugged in so does power profile but says not charging. I have the schematics for this 820-1889-A c2d logic board and I have traced out the PBUS/ Battery charger circuits and get conductivity as all good. I've tried all resets with no luck. Please anything I've missed?

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    It sounds like the power isn't getting from the charger to the battery for one reason or another. If you have Applecare, take it in for repairs.

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