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    Optimize MacBook Pro Battery Life
    How do I get the full 7-8 hour battery life from my MacBook? I at the most at squeezed out 4-5 with activity of Using WiFi with Bluetooth turned off and possibly watching a movie on iTunes, and my MacBook is barely a month old. My battery meter also jumps up and down a lot but never reached the 7-8 hour mark. For instance meter showed 5:45 a minute ago and now its down to 4:55. Thanks!

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    i have a MBP 15' it jumps around a lot but i can get at least 8 hours plus or minus couple hours... i usually lower the screen brightness which makes a big difference....and sometimes the backlight...

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    watching, or doing anything that raises the heat of your mac will cause the battery to deplete faster. If you are running something, like watching a video, it will run through the battery faster.

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