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    Macbook Pro Unibody/Macbook Unibody Optical Drive Swap?
    I have the 13 inch unibody MBP and i dropped it and now the optical drive doesn't work correctly. i also have the original 13 inch unibody MB which i purchased when the new unibodies first came out. apple wants almost a grand to replace the optical drive in my macbook pro since its not covered by the warranty, so I am wondering if the drive from my other unibody macbook would be work with the logic board in my MBP? would there be any compatibility issues? it seemed to me like a fairly common question but after an hour on the phone with apple care and conversations with various "parts specialists" i have not been able to find the answer. they confirmed that the specs on the drives are identical, except that the MBP drive is a bit faster. Any help or advice would be great. And if anyone has actually done this or something similar that would be even better. thanks.

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    It's not that hard. I've done it on the older MacBook Pros and the Unibody ones. Takes less than an hour.

    Use this guide: Installing MacBook Unibody Optical Drive Replacement - iFixit
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    sweet. so there won't be any issues with the logic board or anything? its basically if i can pull off swapping them out correctly, then i will be fine, right?

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