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    Kernel Panic when connecting hdtv
    I have a proscan 40" 1080p tv. (i know its not great, but it should work.) I have the early 08 model macbook pro so i have a dvi output. i bought a dvi to hdmi cable and plugged it in to the tv and i get a kernel panic.

    this happens every time i try it. ive tried all the hdmi ports on the tv. I tried the same set up on a different tv and it works.

    the tv just says no signal the entire time, the macbook instantly gets a kernel panic when the hdmi input is selected.

    what should i do?

    ps i'm on snow leopard

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    You may want to try doing a deep clean of system caches with a tool like Cocktail.

    Doing so has been known to restore connectivity with, and eliminate problems caused by problematic devices and potentially corrupt kernel extension caches.

    Resetting NVRAM (by holding the Command, option, P and R keys at startup) can also sometimes resolve issues.

    Hope this helps

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