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Thread: Protecting the MacBook Pro

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    Sep 15, 2009
    Protecting the MacBook Pro
    I just bought a new MacBook Pro and I'm loving it except I'm wondering if I should buy any accessories to make sure it stays in the condition that it is in now. I dont know if I need a protective film for the wrist rest before the keyboard to provent wear and tear or anything on the keyboard or if people recommend getting an outer case shell for it. I'm wondering if I put on a keyboard guard if it will hurt its cooling because I was under the impression it grabs air from the holes and slits in between the keys.

    Also any reported problems that mac's go through? Example my friend told me he's had tons of problems with the optical drive.


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    Hi, it never hurts to get a protective sleeve or skin for your MBP.
    However keyboard protectors inhibit airflow, and are known to leave inprints on your screen.

    Sometimes a faulty machines comes off the assembly line, but you'll know that until it happens.

    Hope this helped you

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    Get the Invisi-shield full cover. It will be the best protection for scratches and hand use. I like the hard covers, but they are known to scratch the areas where it clips on, and will eventually trap "dirt" between it and the mbp...which I read in some reviews where it would cause wear on the aluminum.... Definitely go with sleeves as "Sur3Mac" stated, I got a couple off of ebay(less than 4 bucks) and they are all worth it!

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    hmmmm, up to you.

    But if it's so beatiful and aluminiumy.... why cover it with plastic/silicon stuff...

    Of course, having said that - i've got a Speck hard (red) satin plastic shell on mine. ;-)


    Well....... laziness.

    No cover, means i'm going to need a sleeve for when i put it in my backpack. Put a hard shell on it, and i'll throw it in the backpack as is (well, i'll close it first) and save the hassle of zips/velcros/stretchy tight slots etc etc.

    also - but i should also mention i'm in thailand... so when i got the screen protector i got the guy at the shop to put it on for me - with screen cleaner, cloth and a nice roller squeegee etc etc - and i did that because every laptop i've got previously i've scratched/smudged the scree within a day of purchase .... on a Sony Tx 11" 1300 x whatever beauty even. Oh, the humanity.

    so - protect the important stuff - ie the screen - although the glass is so much more durable than the usual - but as the screen protector i got also can possibly reduce glare a little, and if i don't like it i can always rip it off na dhave the naked screen anyway......

    the rest.......

    i also did consider defacing the outside immediately. Maybe a screwdriver...... or maybe some home etching aluminium anodizing kit and a nice mask design - it's a computer. Use it.

    I also play golf - and some people keep their clubs in nice little plastic protective covers... and then take them out and hit the ground with them. Repeatedly.

    The first scratch is the deepest.


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    It's a stout, solid piece of metal. Let it age properly. Scratches add character.
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    I'm personally someone who can't live with scratches. I have a see thru satin shell on my MBP and I love it. I saw someone at my school with the same computer just bare, and I actually prefer the cover. I'm not much for silver, I like pink :] I used to take it off almost everyday because I was paranoid about scratches but I haven't taken it off for a few weeks and I'm not worried about it because every time I take it off the inside is pristine. I hardly even need to wipe it off. I was also once considering a keyboard cover but I always feel some heat coming off the keys when I play a game that makes the fan run and i think a keyboard cover would restrict airflow. plus it specifically says in the macbook manual that your not supposed to put anything over the keyboard while the computer is in use.
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    Ivisor on the screen
    it doesn't adhere to the actually screen but the sides
    so that you don't have to worry about airbubbles and such
    also if you want antiglare it works really really well
    and it's only 33$ I beleive

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    The only real problem I've had with mine is while playing games using w,a,s,d my wrists lays on the palm rest for a while and it's rubbed off the aluminum so there is some dark spots on the left side of the rest, kind of bugs me, but from what I've read the new unibody has that cover for the palm rest and track pad that matches the color/texture pretty well and doesn't lose trackpad performance...Only if I had a unibody =S

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    What about people that wear watches. Doesn't it leave scratches when you're typing? I personally take my watch off when I am using my PC for long periods.

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