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Thread: Trying to install RAM on Macbook, not booting up

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    Trying to install RAM on Macbook, not booting up
    Hi! This is my first time being on this forum and I'm in a bit of a jam. My Macbook is a black early 2008 model. I am trying to install two 2 gig sticks of RAM I just purchased from Amazon. I went with a model that met all the specifications for the Macbook, but not one that was Apple Certified to save a few dollars.

    The RAM I got was PNY OPTIMA 4GB (2x2GB) Dual Channel Kit DDR2 667 MHz PC2-5300 Notebook / Laptop SODIMM Memory Modules MN4096KD2-667: Electronics

    Reviewers of the product have said they have used this particular stick on their own Macbooks and Pros.

    I try putting both new sticks in the Macbook, turn on the computer, but the Macbook does not boot, it doesn't make the chime or display anything, the screen stays black. I thought maybe one of the sticks might have been DOA so I installed one stick at a time but no matter which stick or which slot I tried, it refused to boot.

    Then I tried pairing one new stick with one old stick. I'm upgrading from two 1GB sticks to two 2GB sticks. I try the combination and the Macbook boots up fine. I check my RAM and it reports 3gigs installed. I try the other new stick and I get the same result. That must mean the sticks are ok, right? I cannot for the life of me figure out why they will not boot together. I have tried reseating the sticks numerous times and I am all out of ideas besides just returning the sticks.

    Any help on the matter would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!!!

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    Is this your model number? MB404LL/A

    I checked it out and it says that it takes pc2-5300... It says that it is 4gb max... I do not see why it would not be working... Maybe you have to reset something? I dunno I really don't see why it would be a problem.

    You double checked the sticks and they work with the 1gb which is weird... So the sticks aren't bad as you pointed out.
    So unless you have a differing model then I don't see why it won't boot up.

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    We need the specific model number of your MacBook. Are you sure it's an early 2008 model? MacBook models prior to the late 2007 version could only accept 2 GB of memory although it is possible to use 3 GB.

    If your machine is indeed an early 2008 model, it can take 2 x 2 GB modules (Apple) or 1 x 2 GB plus 1 x 4 GB (as reported).

    From your description of the problem, it appears your machine is only accepting 3 GB which puts in the category I described above.


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    Make sure of your model as chscag suggests first.

    Has at least one review there of another MBP owner with the same issue already and reported PNY said to call Apple.

    Personally, would send them back if indeed you have a machine that does support them. My own recommendations lean toward Corsair, Crucial, Kingston (there are a couple of other brands, PNY not being one of them) or go to OWC if you want to stay on the cheaper end and have lifetime warranty. That extra $10-$12 is sometimes worth the expense vs the aggravation.
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    My model number is indeed MB404LL/A. Thank you all so much for the response. So chscag you're saying the Macbook either supports 4 gigs of Apple RAM or 3 gigs of other RAM? Am I understanding you correctly?

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    I'm getting the same problem.

    I installed 4GB and it wont boot. With 3GB or less it's fine.

    All updates are installed, any other ideas?


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