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    Exclamation iBook G3 Clamshell help?
    Hi. I finally got a figure for my income tax return and...looks like I won't be getting a new computer anytime soon.

    So I want to fix up my old blueberry iBook. I want to upgrade the ram and HD but I'm not sure which types I have to get for my iBook and how much they'll cost me. I also was hoping maybe for an online site explaining how to do the upgrading? I figure if I trick out my blueberry iBook, then there's not need for me to get another computer since I use it mostly just for the internet and for my writing and music. Also *blush* I WANT an iPod shuffle, and I'll not be able to afford one if I sell this iBook to buy a new one. ^^

    Well, any advice would be appreciated actually. I hate Tax season! neye:

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    Basically any standard notebook hard drive that is 2.5" and a maximum of 9.5mm thick will work with your iBook. Try checking out OWC for a nice selection of drives. The cost will obviously depend upon what size and specs you choose, but you can find a pretty nice 40 GB model for around $80.

    OWC is also a great place to order your memory upgrade from. A 512 MB stick will be roughly $100, while 256 MB sticks are available on special for $32.

    Regarding installation, here are a couple of sites that give a description of replacing the HDD in a Clamshell:

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