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    My external HD/DVDRW is working great!
    This is great. I bought a 5.25" enclosure for my hard drive and DVDRW. Now I can backup my Mac HD to my external HD and then swap the HD with my DVDRW and burn dvd's. I can also unhook it and hook it up to my pc and use the HD and the DVDRW with that. The enclosure was only $46 shipped and I already had the 80 gig HD and DVDRW. Do any of you use a similar setup?

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    I don't have a dvdrw but i use my old ibook 30gig hdd in a 2.5" enclosure for extra storage. The ibook has a 60gb in it now.

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    Me personaly? no. My roommates is pretty complex-ed-ly similar. But it's great to hear people who are happy with the way things work. So often to I get bogged down with fixing problems, that when someone just says how happy their setup is, it makes my day. Thanks, and I hope that you continue to enjoy minute of your setup.

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