Okay got a brand new(ish) post June 2009 13.3" Macbook Pro, and it would appear that my headphone jack is already jacked. I've noticed that sometimes when I plug in either external speakers or headphones, which I do kind of every day that it exhibits that left-only or right only channel unless I rotate the plug until it's just right. Also the volume refuses to operate, indicating the jack is sort of between internal and external output. The strange thing is while I'm fiddling with the jack, iTunes will start playing whatever song it happens to be on (I don't have any third party iTunes controllers, and it normally lives in another space from that which I'm usually working in or have it parked on) and I have to go over to the space and pause it.

This morning while I was sleeping iTunes randomly decided to start playing with nobody anywhere near the computer. The song happened to be "American Pie" by Don McLean. Woke up and paused it, but it's still strange. Hasn't done it since then.

Now, there is a distinct possibility that a kitten may have done some 'cat typing' and scrammed when the music started playing but it is unknown as to whether it was 'cat typing' on one of the media keys, or cat pawing at the wire leading from the jack to my speakers, which were plugged in.

Either way this ain't normal, and between plugging/unplugging, iTunes randomly starting a song, and hinky volume controls I think it might be warranty time for ol'e iSaac III. With my last Macbook, a second gen white, I had a problem with the microswitch getting stuck which resulted in a logic board replacement under Apple Care.

So, what say you all regarding this behavior? Apple Store time? It's within reasonable distance, but I don't know that I'll be able to reproduce it in front of a Genius.