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    Macbook not turn on
    Thank you all for reading my first post. A friend of mine had a Macbook that wouldn't power on. When I saw her, she told me if I could take the HDD out that I could have the Macbook and try and fix it myself. So when I originally looked at it, I noticed that when the Macbook was plugged in, there was no charge going to the battery. So me, not researching much just assumed it was the Magsafe Board. So I replaced it and here I am now because that did not fix it.

    So basically where I stand now is the Magsafe power adapter is plugged in, has a green light, but when the power button is pressed nothing gets powered on. I have the keyboard/trackpad kind of hanging off (but plugged in) to see when I press the power button if the fan starts up however nothing happens. Here are some of the tests I have tried and their results.

    1. Plug in battery from GF's Macbook and try to boot (no power adapter plugged in.)
    2. Charge bad Macbook's battery in GF's Macbook and tried powering on with that battery (no power adapter plugged in).
    3. Use just my magsafe adapter and no battery plugged in.
    4. Tried using GF's Magsafe adapter and no battery plugged in.

    Again all of these test the macbook never turns on.

    Another piece of information is that when the battery is plugged in, the adapter has an orange light indicating charging but the LEDs on the battery are not charging.

    Does this sound like a bad logic board?

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    Sounds more like the Mag Safe DC in board may be defective. Usually even with a dead logic board, power gets to the machine - enough to light up the front indicator.

    It could also be something else.... so be aware of that.

    Have your model number handy and go to this website "ifixit" and look it up under parts. You can also get a good idea of how to change it out yourself from their do it yourself step by step repair procedures.


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    That's what I thought originally. Sorry I guess I called it the wrong thing. The part I replaced originally was the Mag Safe DC in board. I have already bought a new one and replaced it yet it is giving the same behavior.

    Any other parts that could be affected other than the Logic Board?

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    I have a similar problem with a Macbook Pro 15" Core Duo 2.0 Ghz. The machine just suddenly stopped working when I wasn't looking, and now does not power up. The battery is charged, and I've even tested the battery in another working MBP. The machine will not power up in any situation: battery only; battery + charger; no battery + charger. I've tried removing the RAM and reseating it; nothing. I've tried resetting the PMU, and the SMC; no luck.

    Something I did notice: The power adapter stops working after being plugged into the machine (no green or amber light), not even on another working MBP. I have to unplug the power adapter from the outlet for at least a minute, for it to work again. But as soon as I plug it into the broken machine, the little light flickers green for a split second, then goes out...

    I too think it might be the magsafe power board which I found on I'll order it in the next day or two and try that route. I really hope it isn't the logic board.

    jayin805: keep me posted with your repair ventures

    Any additional info from any other users would be greatly appreciated.


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