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    time to upgrade?
    how long do you plan on having your ibook for. or what will new ibooks have to have for you to upgrade?

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    I'll keep this one around for awhile. I don't have the income to buy all the time, so it'll last me 'till 10.4 becomes obsolete (per se) or turn into 9.0 haha. There will have to be software that I can't get and, well, just be old. That's about it.

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    My rule has always been a new computer every 4-5 years..but now that I have a Mac I might keep it longer (but I doubt it) Apple will probable have such cool stuff out in the next few years I might find myself buying a desktop..I was looking at the iMacs but the Powerbook is beautiful..that's my next buy, but not for some time...

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    This is my second one in 2 years

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    I bought mine last December and I plan to keep it for at least 2 more years since I will be taking it with me on my year abroad as part of my degree next year. I may be getting a Mac Mini in the summer though, and hopefully if I still want a new laptop in the future, I will save up a bit more and get a Powerbook instead of an iBook.

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