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Thread: Snow Leopard Upgrade Price

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    Snow Leopard Upgrade Price
    Am overseas for a couple of months and traveling extensively.

    I wish to upgrade to Snow Leopard (although I am content with my current OS). This is my first Apple computer and an upgrade for $29 seems inexpensive. Is this price going to go up in the future? If so, I can just order the OS now and have it sit at home for a few months before installing. Or, will it stay the same so I can save my $29 and buy more beer?

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    Who knows! I can't see the Apple will put the price up, BUT, they may discontinue the upgrade discs and resort to selling it as part of the pack.
    I'd buy now to be sure. No harm in it sitting around though.
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    Seriously doubt that Apple would put the price up because many people are seeing this as not a completely new OS despite it going from 10.5 to 10.6. I wouldn't rush into getting a brand new OS if you're content with your current one as everything works (which is the most important thing computer wise).

    Saying that, I purchased a copy the day it came out and am loving the 64-bit technology =]

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    if your ok with your system now, i would wait, not worth it IMO.. but if you have money to burn, do it..

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    Get it now, don't risk having to pay more if you can get it now.

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