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    Weird display problem on HDTV
    Hi all. I am completely perplexed by this problem and am hoping to find some help here. I bought an RCA 40" HDTV, and have my MBP hooked up via a DVI>HDMI adapter, with an HDMI cable running into the TV. One HDMI port on the TV is labeled as "HDMI/DVI" so that is the one I am using, however the problem exists no matter which port I use.

    I've experiemented with the overscan on both the TV and the MBP to no avail. I can get the display to fit on my screen just fine, and it looks great, however it is as if it is shifted to the right, leaving a few inches of black on the left side of the TV and the right side of the desktop cut off (see attached pic). There's no way to adjust the screen position. Anyone else run into this?
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    That particular adjustment would be done on the TV/monitor, not on the computer.

    I'd browse through the TV menus again looking for horizontal/vertical adjustment. Might have to resort to the manual. If you've lost it, you should be able to find it here.

    If there just is no menu adjustment, you might want to check in with their technical support at that same link.

    I've seen this on monitors (which def have those adjustments). This is first I've seen this on a HDTV through HDMI.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. There are no menu adjustments on the TV for horizontal/vertical adjustments that I know of, but I will check the manual again.

    To add to the weirdness, I just moved my PC desktop into the room and used the same adapter and HDMI cable, and it worked flawlessly.

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    Make sure your MBP display preference for the RCA is set to "mirror" the main display and not "extend" the desktop. And check to see that it's using the native resolution of the TV.

    If your new RCA TV does auto centering for both vertical and horizontal, there's no reason why the raster should be shifted like that. And if the video signal from the PC produces a good picture with no space or shifting, then something is not setup correctly between your MBP and the TV.


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    Thanks chscag. I have tried running it in many different modes, including with the MBP lid closed, waking it up with an external keyboard.

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