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    MBP Keyboard and Trackpad only work when battery removed!
    OK, so there is a long story I'll make short: It rained overnight on my MPB while it was on. After a few weeks of normal activity, the trackpad and keyboard would sometimes be unresponsive when I restarted the computer, or opened it up after closing the lid.

    After a few more weeks, the MBP's trackpad and keyboard will only work (but work fine) when the battery is physically removed so the computer is only plugged in. When I insert the battery, both become unresponsive (though the light sensor for the keyboard illumination will still work).

    No matter if the keyboard and trackpad work or not, or if the battery is in ot not, when an external keyboard or mouse is plugged in, all works.

    SO MY QUESTION IS is this a simple fix, or if I want to have a portable computer again, will I need to buy a new one? I figure someone who knows the circuitry of a MBP would know this. It is the older all aluminum model 15'' laptop.

    It seems like there is a simple problem with the circuit of the battery's power to the keyboard and trackpad. Is it worth paying some non-apple guy (apple genuis bar people said I needed to get the $1240 complete fix) to try and fix this?

    Thanks for any advice anyone can offer me!

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    It's hard to say if the fix is simple or not. The Apple technicians are quoting a price based on possibly having to replace the main board and maybe the power components. And of course, add to that the labor cost.

    Water damage is deceiving. Sometimes defects do not show up until several weeks later or even months later. Sorry I can't give a more encouraging reply.


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    Rain + MacBook Pro = Big Trouble!

    Sorry to hear about, good luck,

    - Nick

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