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Thread: MacBook Keyboard problems

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    MacBook Keyboard problems
    Hi there.
    I've been having an intermittent problem with some of my keys on my MacBook.
    I first had a problem about 6 months ago. Everything was working fine, then all of a sudden my spacebar, delete tab and arrow keys stopped working. Couldn't tell you why, but they started working agian just as mysteriously as they stopped.
    This has happened on and off since then. I did notice once that there was a magnet in close proximity to my MacBook, when I moved the magnet away, the keys worked. Too bad that can't explain all of the times this has happened.
    It only effects these keys, all of the others work fine. Sometimes a restart fixes it, sometimes not. Anyone else experience this? I've heard of some updates may fix keyboard problems, but others seem to be experiencing total keyboard freezes. Mine is just the keys I listed above. And it doesn't matter what app I am running. I have upgraded to Leopard since I started experiencing this problem and it still happens.
    Any ideas? Anyone else experience this?
    It's a 13" MacBook 2.0 GHz Intel, 2 GB RAM (upgraded when I bought it), a few months ago I replaced the HD with a new 250GB 5400-rpm and upgraded to Leopard. The problem started before the upgrade and continues after. So I don't think that the HD or Leopard have anything to do with it. I have not tried to plug another keyboard in but will try and see if it makes a difference.
    But this is very annoying!
    Also this doesn't happen at the same time, but sometimes the track pad also freezes up. So even though they don't happen at the same time perhaps thay are related.

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    I' .few..hours..later..and..the..spacebar..wouldn't.. ..keyboard...I..don' so..I..don'

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    i have the same problem but with the shift, and enter key... i dont know what to do...

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    same problem here ....any solutions pls?

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