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    Macbook Pro 17 inch 2008 2.5 GHz - Superdrive fail
    Hi guys

    If are currently using or have used a macbook pro, have any of you ever experienced the failure of the superdrive? I think my superdrive no longer first started when i used the DVD for command and conquer 3 gaming, the DVD worked nicely for the whole half-year i used it, but recently the superdrive could not read the DVD. Whenever it tries to read the DVD, i can hear the superdrive starting and stopping, and then doing it all over again. Im sure you guys are familiar with the sound of the superdrive starting up...but then after about 1 second it clicks and winds down again. This proceed repeats until the DVD is ejected automatically wihtout being read properly.

    I use bootcamp, and windows XP cannot read DVDs as well, the superdrive does the same thing.

    Do you guys think this is a hardware issue or something wrong with the operating system? I do carry my macbook around with me to university everyday and I do bump it occssionally against things, although i've never dropped it. And i have a nice case for it.

    Please advise. Thank you!

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    could be the drive is dying. Could be just a dirty lens also.

    I'd get and try a lens cleaner.

    Or, while not recommended by too many technicians, I took a can of air I already had and shot about 3 quick blasts into the slot in different directions when mine quit working. That was nearly a year ago and still working. I'd recommend shutting down and disconnecting the power / remove the battery. Don't turn it back on for 30 seconds after.
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