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    New HDD or new macbook

    I'm about to start a programming degree at uni so i'm going to have to go back to using windows for some things

    I want to duel boot OSX and windows using bootcamp/parallels, but I don't know how my current macbook would go. Now im using a 2 year old macbook, 2.16GHz, 1GB Ram, 120GB HDD.

    Would I be better off buying a new HDD (500GB maybe) and sticking with this lappy? Or upgrade to a shiny new macbook pro?


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    Buying a new macbook is not necessary, but it is an improvement.

    I would personally upgrade the RAM to 2-4 GB as your programming will probably lag up at times due to only 1 GB of RAM.

    Also if you are running Vista or Windows 7, I would highly recommend at least 2 GB of RAM.

    If you think you need a new hard drive, I would upgrade it to however much you need. You are the judge.

    As a guestimate, this should cost you around 100 bucks (roughly).

    A new MB or MBP is around 1000.

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