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    Won't boot after OSX Tiger install

    I have a fairly old laptop - a silver Powerbook G4. It was running on 10.3.9 which yesterday I tried updating to OS X Tiger (10.4).

    The install seemed to work fine, and told me to restart. I followed these instructions, but my machine would not boot up after that.

    It will 'turn on' - it makes the start up sound, displays the apple on the screen, then after a while moves onto a blue screen with a box in the middle which says Mac OS X, and has a loader bar with nothing loading in it. This stays the same however long I wait.

    I found some solutions on other forums but all of the involve starting up in safe mode or booting up with an installer disc for earlier operating system.

    I have tried safe mode but nothing different seems to happen. I cannot use an earlier disc because I can't get the tiger disc out of my machine.

    Please help!!! I can't afford a new computer, and obviously it is not under warranty any more!

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    It sounds like the install didn't take. Restart you Mac holding down the mouse bar, this will eject the disc, and then try installing again.
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