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    What DVD writers are compatable? (Superdrive)

    I got my 100 GB HDD.

    I got my 1280 MB RAM.

    I got my Bluetooth, Airport Express, Wireless Mouse, Powermate, etc etc.

    The only possible thing i can think of to add to my iBook now is the Superdrive used in the current Powerbooks.

    Does anyone know what drives are used in the Powerbooks, or any that will fit and be recognised?

    Obviously i don't want the 1x burner, as that takes forever, 4x would be good, but it's the 8x that i am after!

    Any info anyone?


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    I'm interested in this too. :headphone

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    thanks for the links Titan

    the first didn't seem to work for me...

    i'm also in the UK, so US stores don't really help, and that second link doesn't actually tell you the drive make/model number...

    anyone have the make and model of the current suoerdrives?

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    anyone got any links to units from places like or anywhere similar?

    I don't see why i should have to send my iBook off to have it fitted when i can do it myself.

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