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Thread: 13" Macbook Replacement

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    13" Macbook Replacement
    Hey everybody,

    I'm new here and I tried to search for this question before I posted it and couldn't find anything. So please don't flame me if I missed something!

    Anyhow, I have a black 13" 2.16ghz macbook. Bought in 2007 with Applecare until May of 2010. I've been having problems with what I've been told is the logic board by an independent tech. Called applecare and of course they can't tell me if it is a logic board problem over the phone or not. But after a long conversation, I was told that I needed to take the macbook into the apple store and that it would "probably" be replaced.

    But here's my question: I know they don't make the black macbook anymore, so if I take it in and it does indeed need to be replaced, will they replace it with a new unibody book or with one of the white macbooks they still make? The reason I ask is that I'm very anti-white macbook - seen too many of my friends whiteys turn yellow and brown and ugly. I don't really care about processor speed/hard drive/etc, I just bought the blackbook because I didn't want the white...I know, call me vain.

    So what do y'all think? Will they replace it with a white book? If so, I'm afraid I'll just have to try to find somebody to repair my trusty ol' blackbook....I really don't want a white one....

    Thanks for your responses!

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    You won't know until you take it on in what they'll replace it with. And since you have Apple care it would be foolish to spend money on having it repaired because you like "black". If Apple replaces it with a white one, you can always purchase a black "In Case" cover and you'll have a black MacBook again.


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    im pretty sure if they replaced it, it would be the white mb, unfortunately, but im pretty sure apple will be able to repair it insteadd.

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