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    Unhappy Macbook keyboard no longer works
    I powered off my macbook to give it a damp cleaning, and when I turned it back on the keyboard no longer works. It worked at first, with the only exception being that the caps lock key would light up when it wasn't on caps lock, and when the light turned off after clicking it, the caps lock would be on. Within 10 minutes though the whole keyboard had stopped working. I took it apart and blowdried and let it air dry out aswell, but the keyboard still does not work. The mousetrack pad and button still work, and I plugged in another keyboard. Everything else works normally. Is there any way to fix this or have I fried the keyboard and need to get it replaced? If so does anyone know how much Apple will charge me if I bring it in to them to get it replaced? (I am in Canada) or am I better off buying and installing a new one myself? If so where would I be able to pick up a new one? Thanks in advance for the help!

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    When you say you powered off your laptop...did you disconnect the power cord, as well as remove the battery?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "give your laptop a damp cleaning"...but at most you should only lightly moisten a paper towel or cloth.

    If you can squeeze the paper towel or cloth...and get water to drip off...then it's too wet. Even if one drop drips off your towel is too wet. That could be the very drop that gets into the computer & mess's things up.

    Sorry to say it...but it's fairy obvious you used too much liquid! The keyboard worked before the cleaning, and doesn't work afterwards.

    Tough call on what is best to do next, sorry! Maybe let it sit for 2-3 days, and maybe there is water deep down in it somewhere that will dry.

    - Nick

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    yea it definitely sounds like a liquid damage case. If you have a big airtight bag that fits your MB and a lot of dry rice try throwing it in for at least 2 days. You would be amazed on how well this trick works with "wet" electronics.

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