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Thread: Having Apple put in a replacement hard drive under warranty?

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    Having Apple put in a replacement hard drive under warranty?
    Recently I've been thinking of getting a 15" Powerbook, to replace my Dell laptop. The thing is, my Dell's 40 GB hard drive died about a month ago, so I decided to go all out, and get a new 100GB Seagate hard drive. In addition to being enormous, it's also very quiet (although I hear the HDs that come with Powerbooks are quiet too), and is also supposed to have especially low power comsumption. Anyway, if I got the PB I'd be selling my Dell, and since this hard drive is very new, I'm not really looking forward to losing it if I did sell my Dell.

    My question is, since the PB I'd get would have a 60 GB hard drive (and most likely be refurbished, which means I couldn't build it to order with a bigger HD), what would be the chances that I could take it to an Apple Store and have them install my new hard drive in the PB for me? I could do the installation myself, but I imagine that would void the warranty, right? If they could do that for me, about how much would they charge, if anyone knows?

    If I could have Apple do that, then I imagine I could probably put the PB's 60GB hard drive in my Dell, and sell it that way. Would there be any reason not to do that?

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    I would say they will charge 50+ to put in the new hard drive...I think it is around 100 bucks but I could be wrong
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    I'd be very surprised if Apple would be willing to crack your PowerBook, install an after market HDD, and still honor your warranty.

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    Hmm, that's a good point. I had thought about that, but figured that since Apple was doing the installation, they would still warranty the rest of the computer, but leave the hard drive up to Seagate to provide service for.

    I guess something like this this would complicate things for them warranty-wise...

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    Give Apple a call and see what they say.
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