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    Bootable copy of 15" MBP HD to 17" MBP
    I've purchased two Unibody MacBook Pro's, one 15" 2.4GH, one 17" 2.8GH. I have finally got the 15" completely loaded with apps/utils/plugin's/pref.... and I want to simply dup this to my 17". I'm looking at using FolderSyncronizer or the like to create a bootable disk. My question is really if there is anything in the system on the 2.4GH machine that's going to break the 2.8GH when copied? I know the video is a bit different on the 2.4GH (256MB on both cards, 17" has 256 and 512)... but the cards are identical model #'s... I can't really think of a reason not to.

    Oh, and I finally have the stupid video out driving two 15" externals; used "teleport" software and simply hooked up an old Mac and VPN.. what is the deal with Apple and the mini disp. port and goofy fn resolutions... day's of BS... who should get that bill eh?


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    Use Migration Assistant on the 17" to import everything from the 15". You'll need a firewire cable. It can be done over ethernet I believe, but it'll take hours.

    Here's a pretty good walkthrough of the process.
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    bobtomay is correct. Firewire is quicker, though ethernet is officially supported. You'd probably even be fine using Carbon Copy Cloner, though a clone is not necessarily the best option.
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