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    Specks of light on screen, '07 MBPro
    In the last three weeks tiny specks of white light have begun appearing around the edges (within three inches of the perimeter) of the screen of my 2007 MacBook Pro. None of them are in the middle of the screen.

    At first just one or two appeared, then a few days later six or seven, and now there are fifteen or more. They appear alone, or in groups of two or three.

    To my untrained eye, it looks as if the individual pixels are glowing more brightly than they should. The specks are easily distinguishable unless the background (i.e.: wallpaper) color is black.

    Has anyone seen anything similar? Any answers? I couldn't find anything similar after a Google search for related threads.

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    can you post a screen shot...if it can even capture the problem? Are you sure it's not the wallpaper? just ruling out some...

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    I don't know how to post a screen shot. And it isn't the wallpaper. That's why I wrote screen in the post and not wallpaper.

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