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    Two RAM questions for you gurus!
    (1) I've had a 12" PB 867 with only 256MB of RAM since August 2003. My computer seems too slow to me. I run 10.3.7 and photoshop, safari, office, etc. How much would more RAM really help? Isn't it more of a processor issue?

    (2) I'm poor. Where do I find the best RAM deals these days? What should I get?

    Thanx guys! :girl:

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    How have you managed for so long on such a little amount of ram? All credit to you for still enjoying your mac when, I'd imagine, it's running soooo painfully slow.

    I have 2 gig of ram in my dual 2 Ghz G5 and I still get impatient!

    Anyways, you really should put in as much ram as it will take. OWC are pretty decent. Check out their prices, they ship internationally too if needed. I've never used them, but probably will do at some point.

    I got my ram from Crucial, reasonable prices and great service.

    If you can't afford to max out your baby, try and add at 512 MB, if thats still too expensive don't add any less than another 256 MB.
    I say, "Unless it causes death, it's not a problem!".

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    (1) If you are using photoshop, as much RAM as you cn afford. At a absolute minimum you should have 512MB. The 867 has a max memory of 640 MB from what I can fond, so I would go for that.... I see conflicting answers as to whether the 867 can accept a 1GB SODIMM so you might want to investigate that if you are iinterested. A 512MB SODIMM will definitely work though.

    (2) NewEgg usually has good prices and has a good reputation. What you want to get is a PC2100 DDR SODIMM. Either a 512MB or 1 GB.

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    yea, more ram will make a huge difference, there's also, though I've bought all my ram from owc.

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    What would I do without people like you guys?

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

    Jenn :flower:

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