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    macbook problems
    Hey there guys This is my first post and it's going to be a tester for all of you experienced mac users out there! It's been close to a year that i've switched to mac hardware and OSX as my primary workstation and this is the very first time i'm having problems.... having said that though, this seems to be a serious problem.

    About 2 days ago and without me doing any intensive work, my mac froze on me. I forced it to shut down and when i rebooted it again it immediately hanged up on me as soon as it got in the main desktop screen. I once again had to force it to shut down and in a third attempt to get it back up and working it would not go inside the OS and the main screen. Instead it would stay at the grey screen with the Apple logo and the little spinning circle.

    I then tried the fsck check within Single User mode. The feedback was positive and there seemed to be nothing wrong with my drive. I tried booting into safe mode but when the dialogue box popped asking for my password, even though i'd type it in it would act as if i entered the wrong password [ which wasn't the case ].

    Since i had just emptied my drive backing all my data up, i was " meh i guess it's time " and picked up my Leopard install disc and decided to do a fresh install [ erase and install ]. It was a success... or was it? After updating to leopard's latest version + some other updates + a quicktime install everything runs slow!!! And i mean everything... for example if i want to launch Safari it will take like 8-15 bounces. If i wanna search something within Spotlight as i'm typing the results list comes down extremely slow. If i want to go in a System Preferences menu [ let's say "Accounts" ] it will take about 30 seconds just to go in there. But the worst thing is with the boot times and with the install times. Both take forever!!!! When i restart my mac it will chime, go to the grey screen within seconds, stay there for about 1-2 minutes and then give me a light blue screen for a few seconds. After that it will give me a darker blue screen for another couple of seconds and then it will go in the main screen. But then i'll have to wait about one more minute for it to pop the dock out and for the Finder menu on top to appear...

    After the Leopard fresh install i was able to boot in safe mode ... i did that and i restarted to force the boot caches to update. Even though it did that nothing changed. I booted in Verbose mode but i didn't see anything weird there as well.

    Now, what i'm thinking is that maybe i'm in that stage where the drive is in the process of failing on me, but still hasn't failed completely. I will give flashing the ram a try but i don't think that will work either. On a side notice i've already picked the boot drive so it's not that causing the problem [ after all that would explain partially the slow boot but not the rest of the weird things happening when i'm fully booted in the operating system ].

    Anyway, this is my story so any ideas on what to do, or on what's causing the problem would be highly appreciated

    Thank you all in advance

    ps: I got a late 2008 alu MB 2.4 Ghz with 2 gigs of Ram.

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    Honestly, you did everything I would have suggested and then some. From the symptoms you describe, it definitely sounds like a drive related issues.

    The only thing I can recommend is try running the hardware test from your install disks and see if anything comes up. I would recommend the extended (long) test just to be thorough.

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    Ok here's the end of the story!

    I ended up taking the macbook to an apple service point. 2 days later i got a call telling me that my MB was ready for me to pick it up. When i went there i asked the technician what was wrong with it and he informed me that the drive crashed on them while checking to see what was wrong with it, confirming my suspicion that it was indeed a drive related problem. So to sum this up; if you have all the problems i was having with it, which you can read in my first post, your drive is in that grey zone when it hasn't failed yet but it's about to do so in the near future. If you're able to boot though into the OS take the time to back things up before it completely crashes on you.

    I'm posting this so everyone out there with a problem similar to mine knows what to expect

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