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    Question Macbook Hard disk false failure
    I bought my macbook just over a year ago. I only had one year warranty on it, so it's just outside it's warranty period. We went on holiday 2 weeks ago, I took my Macbook with for downloading our photos and the occasional internet.
    The one day it just stopped responding completely, and after a forced restart, froze at the grey screen after startup. It didn't show the finder icon or anything, just got stuck on the grey screen. After getting back, I tried starting the computer up with my OSX CD, but still didn't go past the grey screen. I heard my hard disk making a clicking sound. I thought it's a given that it must be the hard disk.

    After taking the hard disk out, I restarted the Macbook to see if it will start up with the CD, and it did. I went out to buy a new hard disk, put it in, and started it up. It was running perfectly. Installed OSX on the new disk, and started bringing in my backup up files. Everything looked perfect. I ran an extended hardware test, and it didn't pick up anything that is faulty. I also checked for latest firmware, that was also in order.

    I connected my 'crashed' disk onto my PC to see if I could retrieve anything. I used 3rd party software to access the disk and retrieve the data. It did not make the clicking noise anymore, and it seemed perfect.

    After working and installing on my Macbook for a couple of hours, it started freezing again, and the hard disk also made the same clicking noise. I took it out, put the old drive in, and it started up without a problem. Working now for 2 days with it, and everything seems perfect.(Until next time)
    Has anyone experienced anything like this before, because I know the problem still exists, and will come back later again. I'm looking forward to anyones reply.

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    Sounds to me like it might be a problem with the disc controller, now I'm not a technician so I might be wrong, but a friend of mine had the same problem.

    good luck...
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    Sounds too me like you may want to visit the AppleStore/AppleCare etc. You have hit enough issues to warrant Apple taking a look at the logic board.

    One hard drive would have been one thing, seeing the same behavior with two would suggest to me it has something to do with the controller itself.

    I would have it looked at.

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