Hi Folks

My computer fried in India because another burning hot laptop was placed right on top of mine while both were charing. Probably also some power surges. Anyway, I had to have the logic board replaced- it was in the shop at an "Apple authorised provider" (totally incompetent) for over two weeks.

At first it worked fine but all of a sudden began behaving as if the Fn key were pressed all the time. I couldn't type on it. That randomly stopped, and now the command key does not work at all. Yesterday it began inserting dashes (\\\\\\\) into everything I type even when I'm not touching the keyboard. The mouse also stops working completely occasionally, or does not work properly.

I've run all software updates and not sure what to do. I'm not back in the US for another month and need my computer but there are no other service providers anywhere nearby me in Bombay.

Any suggestions?