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    512MB of SO-DIMM RAM on a Tangerine iBook
    I just purchased an iBook in the tangerine flavor online for a very reasonable price, the casing is in great shape and includes the wireless. Besides possibly updating the operating system, the only other thing I want to do is upgrade the RAM and max it out, this particular model has the 64MB of RAM with the slot for additional.

    Officially, Apple says the iBook support only about half of that but many people max them out with 512MB of RAM. Has anyone ever encountered any issues with this or does the system naturally recognize it while Apple says otherwise possibly for outdated information of maximum system specs?

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    Regarding the 512meg ram upgrade...I told you this the other day...and you don't believe me!

    Check out this link:

    Apple iBook G3/300 (Original/Clamshell) Specs (iBook - Original/Clamshell - M7707LL/A*) @

    Scroll down the page till you see the section "Standard RAM" and read the details...believe me now??

    It's not uncommon for certain Macintosh models to address larger levels of ram than Apple officially communicates.

    - Nick

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