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    Installed a new internal hard drive
    After doing a lot of research on this forum and elsewhere, I decided to buy a 320 gig 7200 rpm Seagate Momentus internal hard drive. I was pretty nervous about doing this myself, but the idea of saving a bundle of $ pushed me on.

    I bought the drive from OWC and was very happy with their service. Their web site has very well done step-by-step videos showing how to make the upgrade. The only time I got somewhat bogged down was after removing the 21 screws from my 15" MBP (Santa Rosa) and then popping up the keyboard. There are some clips along the front edge; one of which proved a little troublesome to pop open. I was paranoid about bending and braking, but it finally came loose.

    This was a straight-forward upgrade. I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear the start-up chimes and see the apple logo upon booting up.

    In all, I saved almost exactly $200 by doing this myself.

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    The internet is great. Especially when you can find tutorials on almost anything.

    Congrats. ^^ I have the same HDD, and it's already almost full. I think it's time to get a bigger HDD. >_<"

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