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    Sound trouble..built-in speakers locked
    Hey out of the blue my macbook's speakers just became locked and muted. The speaker icon located on my menu bar wont move and under system preferences sound the output volume bar is faded out and do I fix this?...I miss sound

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    Is there a red light emanating from your headphone jack? Does it work with external speakers or headphones plugged in?

    If so, the microswitch that's inside the jack has become stuck. Sometimes you can free it up; sometimes an Apple Genius can free it up.

    Otherwise, it means a new logic board to fix it. Had the same thing happen to me. I had Apple Care though, so they fixed it for free (and without the AC, it would have been as much as a new Macbook.)

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Macbook 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    It luckily fixed itself for now...I inserted a pair of headphones into the jack, noticed the red light going off...put them in one more time and seemed to free up volume control...I'm scared apple care and I'm sure I haven't seen the end of this=/

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